Monday, March 25, 2013

13 years ago

13 years ago today... it was not snowing. It was sunny and the air was crisp. I was driven to the Indiana dunes by the hot guy I was dating with lunch in tow. 

 He said "grab your camera " before we headed out of the apartment. Little did I know he was going to ask me to be his wife. The start of many self photos began that day. 

 (Yes its a picture of a picture. It is stuck to the glass in a frame and is to remain there forever) 

People say all the time, "time flies". I am a believer now. 
Where have 13 years gone?

Wait, I know.
Three kids, Two dogs, Two homes purchased, many years of laughter (some full of tears) and yet the only thing I would change would be that we took more self photos along the way.

Mr. CE, I am a lucky woman. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Unfreeze me, please.

It has been a quiet winter. 
There were big plans to keep busy, enjoy it with the kids
I felt too broken.

The icy, cold dark days froze me.

Things are becoming brighter.
Unfreeze me, please.




anxiously awaiting the days to go splash in puddles.

Monday, February 11, 2013

My girl

This gorgeous girl has spirit and lots of it. 

She is a lover, a babbler, a throw her head back with
eyes pinched shut and spin fast kinda girl.

She is fierce and stubborn.

She is a "leave me alone, I'm busy".
but give me a hug before you go.

She is a sit here for one moment then move because
life is too short child.

She is a watcher, a doer and a let me see kid.
A what can I get away with if I smile.

Total Daddy girl.

Not to mention a singer, painter, dancer and a
"GIVE ME MORE GLUE!!!" child.

She is doll.

She is a best (my)  friend.
She is my sweet Miss E

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baby, time sure does fly

It happened,  I was just hoping it wouldn't have gone so fast.

My last baby, doesn't seem like a baby anymore.
He is his own little person now.

I marvel at his eyes as they focus so intently when discovering something new.

From a distance I glance over to see him figure things out on his own.
 He looks so big and I think ,"I would have never thought he would understand that yet", but he does.

Almost 15 months old. Already?

I will remember the last time he nursed after bumping his head.
He ran to me and Momma was the only thing he wanted.
I held, sang to him and then this toddler in my arms got right back down to find another adventure.

Every time he looks at me I see little similarities that he shares with my other babies.

The curls have begun. I love them. 
Often I wish that he would sit still so I can twirl his golden locks.

You have awesome, amazing, wonderful things to see and do, my love.

So I will sit back and watch, awaiting your next smile, hug, laugh or cry.

Because baby, time sure does fly.

Monday, December 03, 2012

One foot on the ground


Busy chasing life
with one foot on the ground.


Photo of my sister and nephew

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Mr. J. 9 months ( better late than never)

Mr. J,

I am so sorry, mom is late again. An entire month behind. You see, summer has been busy with all three babies at home. There were trips to a water park, a zoo, a few fairs. But here you are. This is the month where you would walk with toys, attempt to stand on your own and well, its the month where you have the most bruises on your head from thinking you can walk.

You eat poofs and cheerios like they are going out of style and you are quick to spit out green beans. As of now, you prefer mom to anyone and I am sorry for the poor souls in the room when I leave. Why? Your scream. You scream, throw your head back and cry. It's heart breaking to see you cry when I just have to use the bathroom. (so you usually go with me)

 I wish I could say you are sleeping through the night. Alas, you are not. Work on that kid, momma is tired. ( but I love nursing you back to sleep, its our quiet time without miss e)

Your sister was trying to make you smile.

Justin- 9 months

Your hangout

Every month, you try to take your sticker off.

So tired of the bear pose

Mr. J prefers to stand. ALL THE TIME

typical look

VERY typical look

Holy cow, now momma has to get your 10 month photos up.

love you my honey bunny

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mr. J, you are 8 months old

 8 months of this blue bear, can I get a new prop in here?

Fine, I will cry through this entire photo shoot...
(he did, but then a say later started getting sick with HFM and Roseola, it explains a lot)

Look , no teeth , yet!

This has become my new toy, this crib thing, it tastes like wood, but i keep chewing...

I do not like photos. Not at all.

What are you looking at? I am pooping here.

Mr. J, 
You are 8 months old now and I can't believe how fast you are growing. You are such a sweet boy. You love to crawl after your sister, your laugh is contagious and mommy loves you so much. So, so much.
You are going to do great things my honey bunny, great things.


7 months, belated

What do you mean you forgot to post my 7 months photos?
I will never get tired of chewing the bear...

it's hard to sit still when you are 7 months

Look! Chubby legs.

Dear baby, I know you are the third child and I swore I wouldn't let your important milestones go forgotten... It's been a busy few months with you and your siblings. This month you discovered that you can stand in your crib, crawl  and keep up with Miss E. 

The best thing I want to remember is this is the month you started to belly giggle, it brings me to tears.