Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cows, Cake and Fish...make for a busy weekend

The weekend started off with cows at a local dairy, Fair Oaks Farm. It was a great time for all. JC really enjoyed the 3D movie with effects as well as all the fun activites they had for all the children. The kids (and adults)get to practice milking fake cows,leading to... "What are teet's mom?" We all had lots of fun and I can't complain about the award winning cheese factory either. Oh, and the best ice cream...

Mostly the real reason for the weekend get together was for Grandma's 50th birthday. All of our lives were threatend if any party was planned, so we had a small cook out leading to some heat exhaustion on some parts as well. TOO hot to be outside without a pool. So, good food, great company and the most important woman in my life turned 50. Happy Birthday Mom!

Also this weekend, was a visit with other family members. They have a wonderfully stocked pond. Perfect for little men like JC to practice fishing in. Before we were run out by the storms, he managed to get two. He worked awfully hard at doing so.

It was a wonderful weekend with family, not sure why it doesn't happen more often. That's one thing that stinks about getting older and having a family of your own. Time is so sparse. At work we try to speed up the time and when we are at home we wish for the clock to slow down. (unless there are tantrums being thrown...then PLEASE fast forward to bed time).

Here's to a new week...

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