Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Feel the burn !!

Walking lunges...lots of them.


100+ crunches...

45 min Cardio...heart pounding.

I'm not gonna be able to tie my shoes tomorrow.

It's been awhile since I have been to the gym. Boy howdy am I gonna be sore tomorrow. Last year when I was faithfully going to see a personal trainer, I felt wonderful. It felt great to lift weights, like I was lifting all the worries and insecurites away. Somehow in the midst of the daily grind, I got lazy and made LOTS of excuses not to go.

After several bad weeks and expanding waist, thighs and worries. I went back today. Hopefully the freedom and peace of mind come back. Desperately wanting to feel good again. Often wondering, why didn't I get the genes and great metabolism where I can eat nothing but candy, fast foods and all the pasta my heart desires and still wear a size 7 (again)? Without having to do any exercises. Nooo...I got the genes to have a big ass and gain 5# looking at food. Sad part, I love food. Not eating, just the taste of really *good* food. Looking back, when I was 135 # and wore a size 7, I thought I was fat. If I would have only known what my future held.

So, I will now attempt it all over again. Better diet, exercise and frame of mind.
One could only hope anyways.

Feel the burn Donut...lunge and squat till you can't sit down to pee.

* I have to pump myself up somehow right?*

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