Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Metal Morning...

No matter how hard I tried this morning, I could not wake my ass up! So loud music and lots of caffeine were needed while driving to work. The Boy requested Metallica... Who was I to say no? Is it bad that he requested Master of Puppets?

Driving along...I looked back and he was playing air guitar. I wonder how he got so freaking cute some days.

After dropping him off to daycare, Megadeath popped up on shuffle( it was a sign to listen to metal loudly this morning). Then I started to remember a conversation with my husband. Metallica's Master of Puppets was released over 20 years ago. I was only 7. Scary huh?
On the same note, follow my strange tangents of thought, I remember asking my mom in grade school if Guns n Roses were going to be on the oldies channel when I was old...

I heard "Paradise City" on a radio station that used to be considered "easy listening" yesterday.

Another thought...
while out shopping last night I over heard two girls say:

Girl 1 : "Oh my God!, I can't believe I'm just about 22" "I'm getting so old"

Girl 2 : "We're almost in our mid-20's ya know"

They way they were talking you would have thought their lives were over...all I could do was shake my head...and I'm not much older than they were. But I guess that was better than listening to high school girls talk while shopping...

So...that was my highly caffeinated random thought for the morning.

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