Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mommy of "JC"

My son, future rock star..."JC"
Not really, he would like to think he will be.

"Mom, you can hold up a I love you sign and I'll rock"

"I heard girls throw their underwear... but that's gross!"

NO Groupies...mom said so!

Can't sport a mohawk yet, but loves to rock.

Since I already have posted about me wanting to change my name from “mom”, I guess I should fill in the blanks about my son. He typically answers (when he has his listening ears on) to:

*Little man
His Daddy has called him:
*The Boy

Besides the fact that he has lots of nicknames, he is 5 ½ and will be starting kindergarten in 4 weeks. Oh my god! My baby boy is going to be in “big boy” school. JC is full of personality, that’s the only way to describe him at this point. Busy by nature...doesn't listen by choice. Or at least it seems. (notice I wrote "listening ears" we also have "nice hands" and "walking feet")

He was the happiest baby I could have ever dreamed of. He slept well, ate well and thankfully was healthy. I remember him being a baby so well, that I’m afraid that one day I will forget. He hit all of his milestones early and he grew so fast. Not like I miss changing diapers, but I miss the cuteness. Baby giggles…baby smell…cute baby toes.

One thing that I have defiantly enjoyed about motherhood is teaching and showing him new things in his life. I’ll always remember the look that he gave when he discovered things in his new world. Not to mention the shriek of holy terror when he sat in Santa’s lap for the first time. JC loves to explore and learn new things, he is a sponge. If you teach him or show him, most likely he will remember every little detail. He loves music and books. His first song (besides kid’s songs) that he sang was “dirty deeds” by ACDC. Yeah, not the greatest song for a toddler to hear, but it’s the actual music, not lyrics he loved…he loves to rock.

Lots of personality and not to mention energy! What I thought was the “terrible 2’s” slowly started to show signs of ADHD. The boy is busy at all times! But, he is growing each and every day and becoming such my little man. My luck, he will tell one of the nuns at school to "rock on witcha bad self". Despite what I say, he still melts my heart when he says mommy. I am so proud of him and love him so much.


cousin amber said...

ok that almost made me cry...i'm teary! Just watching you with him while i was there was beautiful. You are a great mom and you two have such a great connection....which will come in handy when you have to fight off groupies (i'll help ya)!

donut said...

He's a sweetie, hard not to love him...