Saturday, July 15, 2006

My "to -do" list

After sitting here for an hour trying to figute HTML out...ha...(i'm trying, just not doing very well) I realize that I just wasted so much time when I have soo much to do in my house.

I thankfully, have had a kid-free weekend thanks to Grandma and didn't get anything done. Outside of busy running around with some guy that I call my husband, I really wasted my whole day, nothing productive...

Shopping, Starbucks, Books, Old Navy, Potbelly's, Nice nap, read others exciting Saturday...

Here Lies my 2 do list

1) Dishes-I unfortunatly do not have a dishwasher to hide them in either.
2) Laundry- you mean I gotta fold them too?
3) Floors- wet paw prints on wood good.
4)Bathrooms- I live with boys...nuff said.
5) Cleaning out basement- I need to donate shit
6) Doors- hung up new doors...they are waiting for paint now.
7) Baseboards- need to be sanded and painted.
8) 2nd bathroom- set a bomb off in it....then it would look better... it needs to be gutted.
9) Kitchen- sit on corner with sign "help! I need a new kitchen" and hold a coffe cup for$$$$
10)workout- Poor wasted $ in gym membership. Need to go back
11)Closets- I keep buying...but have no room.
12)Food- I hate the grocery store...who wants pizza?
13) Stove- I currently do not have an oven that works...stove top frozen pizza... more $

Now I'm just stressing myself out. I should go take another kid-free nap...

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