Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Nurse ramblings...

I think I have a very strong stomach. As a nurse, I think it just comes with the territory. I actually see quite a bit doing wound care, no problem...Until today.

Just about every patient I have come across today felt the need to go into *great* detail of their poop. I'll spare the details. Not a fun topic, I know. But, for the love of all mighty God, make them stop!

Just because you are talking to a nurse, doesn't not mean that she wants to hear all about "your habits". Would you walk up to a stranger and discuss it? Probably not. Unless I ask specifically, or you are my close family, don't tell me about your poop! It all ended for me when a patient sat down at my desk and settled in his chair and sat his "sample" down on my desk. OH' HELL NO!
I couldn't wait for him to get up so I could bleach bomb my room...

Yeah, that's my day...And further more. To all the male patients I speak with, it's a prostate, not a prostrate. There is no "r" in the word.

Okay...I can move on with my day now.

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