Friday, July 21, 2006

Thusday = The worst day of the week...

Past "hump" day but not quite the weekend...

Yeah, I'm talking about Thursdays.

Nothing good happens on this day of the week for me. It's like there has been a spell cast upon me that I've been destined to be miserable every Thursday. Leaving me only to wonder what in the hell have I done to deserve such a rotten day. Yesterday kicked my big ass so bad that I still haven't recovered and I was forced to call off a work today.

Yup, forced...the phone was placed in my hand and I was held at gun point or something until I called in. That's exactly how it was...honest.

Lately work has sucked so bad in so many ways that I can't even describe it. (bad days at work usually only happen on Thursdays too)GREAT job. Couldn't get any better as far as place of employment. It's co-workers...I think one of them is the devil. EVIL I tell you. PURE EVIL. But on the other hand, most of them are wonderful and I couldn't imagine working without them.

Everyday I try and remind myself that it's only a job. I constantly repeat: you will work most of your life and spend the majority of your life working, so make the best of it.

I couldn't wrap my my head around this sugar coated bullshit yesterday. I was wore out, physically and mentally. Done. Checked out. "and I'm spent..."

Monday will bring more terror after not going today.

After work was JC's OT which thankfully went well. Even though I forgot his morning med, he did very well at school and at his appt. I was terrified that I was going to pick him up and have to peel him off the walls or find him in the "calm spot". One relief for the day, JC, you rule.

Trip to mommy's appt...
Don't like it. I pay someone to talk to because I feel either I don't have any friends who would listen, don't want to bother anyone else, I need reassurance. Talk small talk, open things up, times up, pay, leave with open wounds until next visit. Only that next visit is a few weeks away...

Pass the salt please!! pour it in...Yeah that feel good I tell ya... God I love Thursdays....


Dear Thursday,
If your gonna bend me over and screw me like that...dont' forget the lube next week.

Yours truely,

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