Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The wonderful name of MOM

Since I wanted to be a mom as long as I can remember, I used to think of what my child would look like, what I would name them and to think I couldn't wait to hear "MOM".

It's ironic that for the first year or so of your childs life you are incessantly hounding them to say "mom, mommy, ma, momma", but after a few years of constant, repeatative, non-stop "moms" you just want silence for 5 minutes.

After the last few nights of hearing the countless number of "moms" called out in less than 30 seconds, I told my son that I decided to change my name. It's no longer "mom or mommy".

Him: What's it going to be mom?
Me: I'm not telling you.
Him: Is it donut?
Me: Nope, never gonna tell.
Him: MOM, Mom you gotta tell me your name!
Me: Nevermind...grr

I gave up because the nagging of what my new name would be far worse than hearing "mom" 20 times in one minute. All mommy wanted was peace and quiet and it back fired. Lesson learned.

* anyone who knows my son knows I'm not lying*

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