Tuesday, August 22, 2006

But it's only the 2nd day ....

Nervous wreck...check


It goes something like this:

Dear parent,
Is JC going to the after school program? If so please let me know. We waited outside for you,but after all the cars were gone, we took him back inside to the after school program.

Also, we had a very difficult day. I would like to speak with you in the morning.

Miss Teacher

Holy Christ.
No breaks to be had.

Well, JC is in an after school program. The room is directly across from his kindergarten room. JC was told to go directly there, not outside. Well, the after school care teacher knew he was to go as well. BUT, my child was placed outside in the huge cluster fuck of "pick-up" time. He was sitting outside waiting for his mommy to get him. The must have been wonderful for him. A 5 year old, waiting for his mom. Great. The mind of a child with ADHD, he remebers EVERYTHING else,but did not remember NOT to go outside.

THE SECOND DAY!! It's only the second day and I have to discuss his "difficult" day. I hope this doesn't happen often. Mostly because he will be dropped off long before the teacher gets there. School starts at 8 am, I start work usually at 7:30. Meaning I will have to drop him off by 6:45 most mornings. I'm guessing the teacher thinks that I am a house wife or something. I am so scared for this year.

JC doesn't take change well. He has to have routines. Bedtime, morning, everything. I think that has a lot to do with it. BUT, another BUT, he doesn't take "authority" well. The boy doesn't listen. No matter how hard we have tried. He has walked all over us and we allowed it. He gets everything he wants with in reason. We have provided him with everything we never had, with no appreciation what so ever. His actions never have any solid consequences either. Like I said, I'm scared.

We now, on top of a new change with school and care providers, have to initiate strict changes at home as well. It's going to be a long, long fall and winter. My only hope is that my child doesn't get any more "labels" at school that follow him. For all I know, this first "difficult" day with the teacher has set her tone with him all year. Do teachers realize the impact that thier attitude and actions have on a child for the rest of that childs life? All of mine did. I was "depressed" my entire second grade because of my teacher. She was horrible. She made me have such low self -esteem and confidence, that I carried that with me through out my entire school career. More than anything, I don't want JC to have to have that. To have that burden of pain and lack of self-confidence. *We have been trying to re-build that in him for so long.

* that in it's self is a whole story in it's self, a therapist said he was "emotionally scarred" from a certain daycare.

Wow, my few days off have gone so fast. I am even more tired than when I got off on Thursday. I didn't think that was possible.

Further updates tomorrow from the morning meeting.
I need a drink...and food...no solid food has been consumed since I had oreos yesterday afternoon. Not good.

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