Monday, August 21, 2006

First day of school

The morning started off as usual, wake the boy up, feed and dress him. It felt like any other day until I found myself taking pictures and walking him to unknown territory. The first day of school has arrived. Where did 5 years go? I was fortunate enough not to be working the first year of his life. I watched every milestone, teeth, crawling, solid food, walking and speaking his first words. Now...we walked our baby to big boy school.

After waiting outside for the church bells to ring, all the anxious parents and students made their way through the doors. Searching the hallways for the rooms...choking back tears. Myself, I was doing fine until I walked out of his class room and left my little handsome man sitting in a desk. There was JC sitting amongst 20 other kids, wearing star name tags, all of them looking like deer in headlights.

3 pm came quickly. Who knew there were parking lot rules, safety zones and such to be aware of! 3:03 pm and not a parking spot to be found! All the parents were standing across from the school flagging kids down. I actually started to panic. There was a sea of kids in white and blue... All the kids looked alike and I could not find him. "They let my baby roam around in a parking lot!" That's all I could think. Finally,I walked past my little man in uniform. "Mom! Mom! I'm Right here!" . Huge moment of relief. Right at this moment, I wanted to cry. He looked so old. NOT the same boy I dropped off. I was so proud of him, I wanted to know every little detail of his day, but he was wiped. "Mom, I didn't even get to take a nap today" was one of the first things he told me.

Actually, the scary thing, there is no way to prevent a child from being kidnapped. NONE... That frightens me. There was that much confusion. Unless a child screamed bloody murder, no teacher or parent would know. Not to mention the fact that they don't even *really* know the kids and would not be able to tell which new kid it was. Luckily, he will be going to an after school club in the school and will not be able to leave without a parent.

So, many other things brewing in the house or should I say...basement. The house of hell is comsuming us. So much that *financing* had to be done. I don't pray often. But, I think I should. A whole lot of changes are coming...I think we all could use any extra help. It's been a busy weekend and the week shows NO signs of slowing...

I have to pack a lunch every night. WTF? That will take some getting used to, not to mention actually going to the grocery store. yuck. Me no likey.

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