Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A funny

As told by one of my patients today...

We have a screening question about alcohol, of course, I asked him if and how much does he drink. He responded...not since my athlete's foot went away...
I raised an eyebrow, trying to figure out the use of that, wondering if he was tipping it out in the parking lot... a few minutes later he began to tell me of "other" uses for alcohol:

My buddy Jim, he has a glass eye and he takes it out at night and puts it in a glass with whiskey to clean it every night...

When he wakes up he takes the glass eye out, pops it back in and takes the shot of whiskey to start his day. Well, the other day he was so tired he downed the whiskey, not even realizing what else he swallowed. The rest of the day he had a terrible stomach ache. So bad that he went to the doctor. The doctor looked him over, couldn't find anything wrong with him. He then called in a proctologist to do an exam.

There was Jim, bent over with his pants around his ankles, elbows on the table. The doctor began the exam. After a few minutes the doctor takes a closer look and says "I don't see anything down here Sir."

Jim replies, "that's funny, I see you"

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