Sunday, August 06, 2006

Home Improvements...

Why am I standing in a puddle of water while attempting to wash clothes? Is it a broken washing machiene? Nope, because that would be too easy and our family is not that lucky. What do we have? A main water leak in the basement. What started out as wet tiles, led to tiles separating and "floating" away and now as of yesterday, an actual "mini water fountain". Shit you not. If we had mice they would have a drinking fountain. It seems that our demon of a house has sprung a leak and it will be another week till it gets fixed.

One week till we tear up the back yard and have more of an un level yard. Anyone want to buy a house? Really... busy corner, no privacy, bad plumbing and a kitchen that could win the "ugliest kitchen award". What was really sad, the day before the floating tiles were found, we were going to call a realtor for selling suggestions. This house is trapping us, pulling us down and sufficating us. We have our own version of Money Pit.

So, it's one thing to do home improvements when you plan on them, you know...have money set aside. NOPE. Not this one. So on top of having to replace the following:
*water heater
*carpet in 2 rooms
* 2 bathroom floors
*kitchen floor
*kitchen cabinets and counter tops
* 2 celings (non-dry-wall)
*Garage damaged by drunk driver in Oct 05'

Now we have to fix water main break, fix the hole in yard afterwards and redo the basement wall and floor.

I like home improvements, not "emergency" ones. So,while JC is gone with grandparents next week. I hope to have him come back to a new, freshly painted, cleaned out "big boy" room. Something tells me it not too cool to have your room still your nursery theme. "Blue booties" and moon and stars isn't very 5 year old.

Anyways...the weekend...

Besides having wet feet in the basement, it has been a wonderful weekend. and hubby laughing our asses of while riding the Matterhorn. I realized that I have gotten to old to ride the rides. I sat with JC and had to try and hold his little head to prevent a contusion. Oh my did that hurt, but I loved it...we were all laughing at once, together and that does not happen often enough.

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