Monday, August 14, 2006

I can not call my self a painting goddess...

Because a painting goddess would be able to tell the difference if a can of primer contained the wrong product BEFORE putting it on the wall.

A few strokes of schlack shit (or how every it is spelled) would not have been placed upon JC's bedroom walls. In turn, causing panic, tears and frustration. As we speak, there is NO paint or primer on the walls, putting my *mental* schedule several days behind.

So, for future knowledge, primer is usually white, not brown sticky oil. Hence, I have learned my lesson by having to sand the goop off of the ceiling and walls for several hours.

I emerged from the room yesterday a blue woman. Not from depression, but blue boogies are still baby blue. No contacts could be worn today, since my tear ducts are still milking blue shit. Joyful I am...

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