Monday, August 28, 2006

The man needed an "I'm with stupid shirt"

As previously written in my Nursing thoughts post, I meet a great deal of people daily. Some are sweet and some are down right ignorant.

While speaking with a patient today about moving on to bigger and better positions, as someone recently did at work, he informed us that he too had made that move. That move led him to own several small hotels when he was younger, which at 75, he now has sold. "I'm 75, and I have money, and I be happier because of it". Also leading me to believe that he might have made smart business moves in his life, but he DID NOT invest in a better education for himself. I could only think that he had "bigger" people speak for him for all those years.

This man went on to tell us how he was raised in Mississippi in the ghetto and how horrible life was. (who doesn't say that out loud while typing it?) He was going on and on about how dirt poor he was and how money makes people happier and life is just better with it.

He started to say "people in the slums just fought with each other and did drugs because they had no money". Mind you he went on for 20 minutes on how it was important to have money, how it makes life easier and so on. While I don't disagree, I thought this man sounded like an ignorant fuck.

After he left, I looked to the doctor who was in the room who was just as dumb founded as I, we agreed, he was a dumb fuck. An ignorant dumb-fuck.

My thought:
The people in the "slums" don't fight and do drugs because they don't have money, they do it because they are just STUPID.

My opinion only of course, I still feel he needed this:

I do believe money will make your life easier, I also believe that it will bring trouble and sorrow as well. Money can't buy love or happiness. This man did not agree and that's sad. He'll probably bury his beloved dolla bills with him.

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Beth Fish said...

Love the shirt. I think a certain amount of money does help with happiness - the sort of money that allows you to get a decent education so you can get a decent job and have a greater level of control over your life. After that, you're on your own.