Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nursing thoughts...

Since my choice of profession is working with people, I meet all walks of life. The legion of the unwashed, the cranky and angry, depressed, hateful souls, happy and pleasant, gay, straight, republican, male and female. You name it, I've probably taken care of them. Some people I quickly work them through, while others have been such a joy meeting, that I want to spend hours talking to them. Picking their brains for more stories and hear what they have lived through.

There are ones that tearfully share what Normandy was like. Joyful stories of how they married their "sweetheart" 60 years ago and getting to watch them walk out of the room hand in hand with each other. Knowing that when one passes, the other will shortly follow, because they can't live life any other way.

Some stories are worn and need no spoken words. Tattooed veterans, young and old, documenting what they once believed in. Whether it was their country, service branch, the booze bottle the so loved and names of those loved that they have lost. All tell a story to the world. Every one that is visible, I take note of and remember every piece of "art". Fifty years later, the dancing lady still dances on his forearm.

A great deal of people I "meet" and every so often I have the privilege of getting to "know" some. You not only get to learn them, but the families that stand behind them. Celebrations of birthdays and holidays with each other. Getting to understand his or her moods and thoughtfully planning how to approach them to make them smile.

My first experience in connecting with a person on the job was with "Bea". Bed-bound, fragile, soft-spoken and the sweetest woman I have ever taken care of. Over a year, I became very close to her, tending to every wound that she unfortunately laid with. Thankfully, but sadly, she was paralyzed and did not feel any pain. Her husband visited her daily, her family was growing without her, she was afraid to give up. I ended every meeting with her with a hug and a kiss on the forehead. One day, when it was her time to let go. She chose to let go of her fears and spoke of her fulfilling life. Her strength was her love. As the last person to speak with her, when I was done, she got the most angelic, peaceful look and moved on. That moment changed my thought on my chosen career and is forever stuck in my mind.

The struggles that man and woman have had presented to them with the depression, war and love. They touch me, but what impresses me every time is the strength that they all have from it. Each and every one of them carry it with them, some let it weight them, some it uplifts them. Making them who they are...Happy, disgruntled, spirited, unhappy or blessed.


mb said...

God damn Donya! I didn't want to cry tonight. You are an excellent writer. Every time I read one of your entries, I feel like I learn something new about you that I obviously didn't already know. You are a wonderfully intelligent, compassionate and beautiful person. I love you very much and hate that we are so far apart from each other. I miss you.

donut said...

uuumm...you used my name!!!

I'm telling...
not mom though.

Thank You.

I love you and miss you. When you share a room for so many years, it's hard to fall asleep and not have anybody to kick to stop snoring...even if we haven't lived together in 7 years...


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didn't know we couldn't use names! Can we delete it or something? When are you going to teach me to do this shit? I'm an idiot! Love you babe,


donut said...

If I can...I have no idea how.


outside of deleting the whole thing...

no biggie.

I still love you.

Cousin Amber said...

I love you guys!!!! This story made me cry...and think of Grandma...and cry some more...damn you! hahah...Miss you!!