Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Room Is Done

It took a lot longer than I expected. Who knew primer isn't brown and sticky? What was supposed to take a weekend took a over a week. Wrong primer, wait for schlack to dry, sand for 8 miserable hours, re-prime, paint. What? missed spots...wait more and paint another day. Plus, the touch ups on the ceiling. Because it's just too easy to paint non square walls the same color. So... it is now done. JC is pretty happy with it to. He was fine with it as long as he got to put up the dino stickers. What fun! There is a t-rex and a tricertops fightins somewhere on one of the walls.

Now, there are many, many home improvements to be done in just a few short months in order to * hopefully* sell in spring. Anyone wanna buy a house in NW Indiana?

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