Wednesday, August 23, 2006


At 7:30 am I had the pleasure of speaking with JC's teacher. After being up all night worried and panicked, of course I was thinking the worst. I couldn't wait another minute to know what my child, my sweet child had done (sarcasm).

The meeting started and quickly went right past the "hellos" to have a seat. Gotta say that my heart was a pumpin'. First question, does JC have a problem with taking directions and listening? Come to find out, JC flat out refused to do several things in less than 2 hours. During the second day of school he refused to sing a new song. Guess what he was singing all night? YUP. He hears a tune and he usually knows most of the words. She was quite shocked to know that he was actually listening and knew the song.

I truly believe that she thought she would be dealing with a carefree, "my child can do no wrong" type of parent. NOPE. I know my child is not perfect, I learned that a long time ago. My child is difficult and not just "oh it's that age and he's a boy". He probably could have been diagnosed with ADHD by the age of 3. No doctor in their right mind would do so, they waited to age 5.

Moving along, she asked several questions regardng his difficulties and home discipline. I would have to say that these questions DO NOT get any easier to answer each time. After giving my answers, I had to explain a lot more of JC's past than I had wanted to in the first week of school. I can only hope that in me telling her, it gives her more of an understanding of how to help him, not hate him.

It was explained to Miss Teacher that JC was emotionally and verbally abused by a daycare around the time where he showed signs of ADHD. Her face dropped. ADHD?
Those are the few letters they don't like to hear. It was obvious. I went further as to tell her he does not accept any changes well, he fights them and will push all limits as far as he can. Which is what the child is doing, it has happened so many times before.

Not sure if she could have been in any more shock, but now she is aware that he is also on medication, being seen by therapist as well under the care of a doctor. In addition to, being in OT (occupational therapy) for fine motor delay, specifically handwriting. Her facial expression improved. It seems that she now knows that she is not dealing with lazy parents that have the least bit of interest in their child. Or at least that's my hope. JC is the most important thing in our lives. Period. Always will be. Most parents would agree.

Something she did say was positive. That after JC stood in front of the class to show his "me" bag, she observed the fact that he is very intelligent. "I can tell he is a brilliant child, it's just that he is so stubborn". Really, the way his mind works is scary.

I left the meeting with a good feeling. That we discussed where our goals were to work together to help conquer the stubbornness, defiance and continued growth of JC.

On a side note, I did get a letter home today as well:

Dear Mom,

Can you please speak with JC about not "blowing" on other children. I had to remove him from the group yesterday and he repeated again today as we were leaving.

Miss Teacher

He's just cooling them off! It's hot in there.
JC- keep your wind to your self.

The note is true, my response...not quite so. It was a long night of setting new rules. Mom and Dad are oh' so very tired.

hhhmm....will there be a third note?
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Cousin Amber said...

awww...I'm glad his teacher took a neutral approach and understood that you are, in fact, the lazy parents that so many educators are used to. As a teacher myself, i just have to thank you for at least doing your part to help in his growth. I wish some of my parents would be as supportive of me and, most importantly, thier own child. I have only been teaching for about 2 years, but i have seen countless cases of ADHD or LD kids' parents just brushing them off as behavioral problems, when it runs much deeper than that and they do need special care and attention. Not to say they shouldnt be disciplined in the classroom, but that they need extra care. Hang in there Donya...It's just the first week, but it's a whole new world to him. I'd be scared as hell if i were him. If you need to talk, or vent you can call,....or better yet, MYSPACE ME!!! haha love you...

Cousin AMber said...

oh god, i went back to read through what i just posted and i noticed i called you "lazy parents" ...ahhhh! I meant to put a NOT in front of the "lazy parents" sorry!