Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thoughts of a sneeze...

Ever have one of those sneeze attacks?
You know the ones...
Nasal twitching, twinges, difficulty breathing and the inability to concentrate on anything else at that moment.You feel the sneeze wait for it...wait for it...praying that it will just come. At this point you are working for it, finding something to make you sneeze, work it.


My GOD!!! and I'm spent. I need a cigarette...
To think that a sneeze is so much like sex, just not as sexy.

The Sneeze...Nothing but another way to climax.


Cousin AMber said...

...someone needs to get laid.....

donut said...

Not really...okay maybe, I'm game anytime. (Hear that honey?)

Look who's talking.

No cock blockin' bitch.

I love ya!

The massive sneezing I have done today is comparable to the anticipation of the "big O" or "getting cookies" as they are also known.

You work for it, it teases you, work some more and than finally you grab a tissue and release an "oh my GOD did that feel good" a few times.

A sneeze climax if you will.

I know...who else can make a sneeze so fucking erotic?

cousin amber said...

Actually my school principal. She told us a story about when she first started teaching and she had to teach SEX Ed and they were talking about orgasms. She compared it to sneezing and when a kid would sneeze in class the other students would say that they had an orgasm. ....I think that was the last time she was probably allowed to teach SEX Ed. hahah

donut said...

That is too funny.



I hope you have a fun birthday celebration.

May you be granted with many sneezing chances.

cousin amber said...

oh god....i will pay someone to make me "sneeze" at this point.....ugh....