Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Update to come ....until then...

Todays thoughts in bullet like formation..

* Work went, I took a newly made position, I plan to rawk it out

* It's nursing how much can it rock?

* I'll eventully qualifly for a increase in "step/grade" of pay

* I have been extremely bored and unfullfied at work recently

* I get a long with people, but not the co-workers who are/will be retiring

* They are ill'n and chill'n like a villan. They don't adapt to change and DRAG the work place down

* Kindergarten parent meeting

* Boring, it was noticed that this teacher talks to adults as she does the five year olds

* Trying to like her

* Dinner..Chinnese with wonderful husband

* Other stuff too....

* Rock on....

*I'm tired of allergies

*I still have to go pack JC's lunch

* I put notes in his lunch everyday and he can't read

* who's the tard mom?

* crookedyebrow

* thought that counts, he likes the stickers

* good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite

* it you have a bad dream, kiss away the bad ones and hug the good ones

* or flip your pillow over to change the "channel"

* I think that's all

* I tend to use a lot of these (...)

* And fuck it I'm not spell checking anything

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cousin amber said...

aww i love the changing the channel one...i like that!