Sunday, August 27, 2006

What happened to this man?

He used to be so damn sexy.

Lately, he has been spotted doing yoga on the beach, looking rough but still smokin'. The last picture I've seen of him. Yuck. Poor Matthew has gone from scruffy to rough to just down right rugged. The rugged and worn out look is not good. Even if your body is like butta.

Now, I think he might be gay. With none other than Lance Armstrong
I know! How could it be? Why is it so? But it just seems very odd that they both broke up with beautiful women and now are everywhere together.

I know it's just my opinion, but they are so hitting the boy holes.


cousin amber said...

"hitting the boy holes" wouldnt beleive how long it took me to understand what you meant...and i am the one with the gay roomie!!!

donut said...

It's the first thing that came to me. ???

Wow amber, if it wasn't for you, my comment section would be dead. Thanks. It's nice to get some lovin'.