Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I- 50
G- 4
-Oh my you have no life...

Trolls, candles, incence, lucky thing -a- bobs and a few packs of Camels or Kools. These people are serious about bingo. Who knew? I have never had the pleasure of witnessing a Catholic church BINGO night before. It's almost as bad as being in a small crowded room jammed pack with the legion of the unwashed.It's worse than a bar, only because there was no booze to be had, at least for hubby and me. We came out of that place sticking far worse. Maybe because we weren't drinking, you tend not to mind the smoke *as* much when drunk.

What brings you to BINGO NIGHT you say? Mandatory service hours by all families, not by choice . So, after dealing with the crabby volunteer parents who "run" bingo night, we were off selling bingo cards. It was way better than "tabs". Smokey Joe who shook the purple troll and rolled dice before buying them would have drove me NUTS. Thanks for blowing all your smoke in my face... Misty Menthols are my brand...

The first hour went fast, since we had to be there, we joked around with folks and tried to have a good time. I thought my husband looked hot in a apron walking around pimpin' out bingo cards to the ladies. Gotta say that the B&O card was a HUGE hit.

"B&O card, any B&O cards?"

"I promise I don't have B.O. but I have B&O cards"

They got a kick out of that.

Around hour #2 and touching more dirty money than I have in a long time, people were losing and not being *so* nice. Their piles of $20's were dwindling down to quarters and dimes for some. Really...one had pennies. I couldn't help but think how sad that was. You have to empty out your change purse in hopes of winning BINGO? Probably the same person who won't want to spend the money on their diabetic medication, but has no problem buying $10 in instant lotto tickets after buying thier cartons of smokes. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. This group was making it spin...

Official time in: 5 hours and 20 minute for my husband and I combined. Of course I would have spent my night doing something else and somewhere where I didn't smell like an ash tray, but over all it wasn't as bad as I thought. 2 hours should have been my limit. Next service quarter...

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