Thursday, September 14, 2006

For starters...

If you are ever in an interview, as I had to sit in on 2 today, when asked "what was your favorite place of employment and why?" Don't reply with:

"Such and such place, because it was easy and less work"


That makes you come across as a lazy dumb ass with no ambition. Really, she said this in a peer group interview. Your potential co-workers don't want to hear that you don't like to work hard. Yeah boss, hire her!

Obviously, my scores I gave weren't very high, more so after she stumbled through most and tried to avoid answering the preset questions. Yes, she could have been really nervous, but man, admitting your lazy in an interview. No good Batman.

Oh yeah, I was touring with her and she was only concerned about where employees eat lunch. Most importantly, she wasn't even interviewing for a position in that building. She actually caught herself asking and giggled "I like to eat".

I could only blankly stare at her. My jaw probably dropped, drool hitting floor, head tilted in stunned silence. My only thought... well, people do like to eat as it keeps them living... obviously you do a lot more than most to bring it up in an interview tour.

After quickly recovering from the stupidity that was before me, the tour was done. It was time to drop that hungry wacky bitch off ASAP, as least before she started gnawing on something.

Other thoughts....
While NW Indiana has been hit really hard with rain all summer, "my area", had to be evacuated in some areas last night. WE, the ones with bad house luck, managed to keep a dry basement. Really, someone was looking after us. Thank you!!

JC's school was not so lucky. As the kids were eating lunch, water was "flowing in fast" and it had to evacuate as well. As with most schools in the area, no school for the next 2 days. JC is pretty happy. Mom is too, no lunches to pack. Although I do feel bad for the school since a new library was damaged. I'm sure there will be more fish fries, bingo and "fund raisers" to pay for it. Can't wait...

Let's see...
nope I'm spent...nothing else to report.

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