Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fugly Foo

Since I now have skin of a young girl going through puberty, I have decided to try this.

Really, I don't know if it's the somewhat thyroid problem I have inherited or that I'm going through puberty at 27. Seriously, we're talking some messed up skin lately. For about 2 years now. Before pregnancy and stress, the skin was beautiful and clear. Now, it looks like I work at a greasy fast food place and never wash my face. Donut used to have nice, even toned skin, with little break outs. WTF?

(I was going to post a picture "all natural" to prove my point, but it was *too* scarey...)

After seeing all the thousands of commercials for the product, and watching Kelly Clarkson babble her way through her "interview", I wonder if the celebs really use it. Or is it another way to use their name and put more money into their overflowing bank accounts? All I can say is that my jacked up skin better be looking like Jessica Simpson's in a month. Maybe it will make my boobs grow too.

Hey, a girl can dream right?

I should just set up an account accepting donations to the "Donut's Lipo and Tit Fund". Think it would work? No? Come on. Pay pal accepted...

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