Sunday, September 17, 2006

Moods and foods...

This weekend can be summed up in one word...moody.

Why is it when you feel bad about your self because of your weight and poor body image, the first thing to run to is food? I am totally a comfort food, emotional eater. When I'm bored, upset or angry I usually eat. The only time I don't eat or want to eat is when I'm out of the house and am busy doing something.

So today, moods and foods. I was bored and over emotional, so what's a sad overweight donut to do? EAT. MUNCH. NIBBLE.INDULGE. After 7 pm tonight, I couldn't take it anymore, I made the boy go to DQ with me. Yup, I thought ice cream would help. It only made me feel guilty.


It only made the massive chest pains worse. I had them all weekend, but they became worse as JC grew tired. My chest kinda felt like this:

Originally uploaded by crookedeyebrow.
So tomorrow is a new day. A chance to wake up on the right side of bed. Hopefully.

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