Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tomorrow is ......

when the bitch Thursday comes back into town.

"and that's when all the whores come to town!"

Tomorrow, appointment with doctor for JC where mom begs for dosage to be increased so all the bad notes from school can stop. PLEASE. Mommy can't take much more. She's gonna break, explode, implode, shatter to itsy-bitsy pieces if they keep coming.

* In no way I am I trying to medicate JC to make him behave, some miss-informed people may not understand the workings of ADHD. The boy is brilliant. Let me repeat*brilliant*. He is impulsive, hyperactive with a typical attention span of 5 minutes. Not to mention other things that go along with ADHD. It has made a world of difference since on the medication, but when it's working, which it isn't anymore. I'm still not sure why I felt the need to clarify....

My problem, I take his misbehaving/disobedienc as a failure on my part. Even though, I know it isn't my fault as a mother. I teach and have taught him differently. We have taught him morals, values, social rules, etc.... We didn't teach him to not listen, it's just him. Sadly, for a five year old, his home rules are strict. They have to be. Everything has to be a routine as well. One thing changes, even trips to grandparent's house, it sets him off for the whole week. The more notes that get sent home, mommy gets discouraged. Why aren't there more positive things addressed?

Tomorrow, the Thursday routine. School, work, OT and the "brain" doctor. JC calls him this since the first time we went into the office. The doctor has several models of brains all over the room. JC was fascinated by all of them and told the doctor all about how "neurons fire messages off to different parts of your body". He is no longer Dr. J. He is Brain Dr.

He was obsessed with anatomy for a few days, cars for a few, which led to pokemon for a weekend. The list goes on and on ... This week...God's house. He loves going to mass and singing when at school. He was telling me about the boys who get to dress up and hand the father the books. Yup, alter boys. "I like going to talk to Jesus and God" is what today's report was. Followed by 15 minutes of JC singing "this little light of mine" from music class. Freaking adorable. 5 year old boy laying in the bath tub with water up to his chin, screaming the words because his ears are in the water, having a grand old time. I may bitch and moan and have selfish moments of it being hard raising him. BUT... I love him so much and moments like that melt my heart and keep me going.

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