Thursday, October 12, 2006

Not sure what the *BEEP* was f u..*beep* wrong me.

busy week.

Recipe for the week:
Little tension
1 cup of PMS
pinch of stressed
dash of crazy
TBSP of Tourette Syndrome

Out of no where a "sh#t fu*ki#g co*ksu*ker" would fly out of my sweet,innocent mouth. So ashamed of that, excuse me, fucker, see I can't help it...

What exactly is a shit fucking cocksucker anyways?

don't know.

Carry on...the filthy mouthe girl has to get back to work.


cousin amber said...

feisty! I love it!

donut said...

Just a bit...
Need a punching bag.

I'll name it mother fu*ker. So when I hit it I can finally say "take that you Mother Fu*ker".

Always wanted to do that...but hey, everyone says that I'm just an angry girl anyways....