Sunday, November 19, 2006


You know when your hormones are totally screwed up when you cry hysterically over Disney's The Parent Trap Movie. Ya know the one? With Lindsey "fire crotch" Lohan in it.

Her sweet and underwear wearing character runs to the father that she has never known and he holds out his arms...tears. Tears I tell ya. WOULD NOT STOP. Thankfully the boys were out buying fish for new JC's new "Big Boy" aquarium. NO witnesses.

There is definitely something wrong with having 38+ days between periods. The hormones are totally tweaked a bit. I was off sick for a few days, which can only leave me watching the TLC, E! and VH1 channels. I cried every time The Baby Story came on. TEARS...There could have been a commercial for huggies and hemorrhoids and I would have squirted a few. Luckily no Family Time or Hallmark made for tv movies were on.

Under normal circumstances, I suppose Lindsey "fire crotch" Lohan would make people cry these days....

You think Vicky's secret would supply her with free-bee's since she can't be bothered with buying them? Just a thought.

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