Thursday, November 30, 2006

JC will be 6 in just a few short hours

So I have the 20+ treat bags ready to go to school...the treats themselves...and decorating done. Luckily for me I took off on his birthday! Whoo-hoo!!!

Every year I decorate his door and the entry way to the kitchen for JC's birthday, it has become somewhat of a tradition. Can't stop now...The boy wakes up every birthday with decorations around the house for him. I'm guessing I have just a few more years until he tells me to stop and then I be lame and all that good stuff. Ya know where giving your mom kisses and hugs in public is just not cool. I dread that day.

Right about this time 6 years ago I was going into labor. I was totally clueless. I was 5 days past my due date and was in a squatting position for about 12 hours. Trying *anything* to get the process moving along. Note to anyone pregnant...having sex or drinking shitty oil doesn't make the baby come any sooner. I know and my husband could tell you. Having a over due, swollen , immense belly attack you in the bathroom demanding sex isn't fun. Well, it was for me, but that's another story.

Anyways, off of sex, I kept getting pains every now and then and a few hours laterI figured I would keep track of them. The only piece of paper I could find was in my husband's office. It was about nuclear explosions I believe. ??? not sure why, but it was the only piece of paper available. The paper is now tucked away neatly in JC's baby book now. Mommy's contraction times written on nuclear explosions and bombs. How sweet.... Even stranger...the new playboy came that day, so while I was in labor, I was in and out of the bathroom, reading playboy.

Not sure what was so enlightening about that, just a memory. Thought I'd share.

Well, My whole point is that I can't believe that 6 years has gone by since I was so blessed with JC. He has and always mean the world to me and I can't grasp that he has only been here for 6 years. It seems that he has always been here.

Well...time to sleep...big birthday breakfast in the morning. But no work tomorrow!

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