Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Random thoughts from the shower....

Why is it that so many great, in depth thoughts occur in the shower, but as soon as you reach for the towel...POOF...thoughts be gone!

Now that I'm squeaky clean...I will share my 5 minutes of very random thoughts.

Why is that every day on my way home from work I get stuck with the overly cautious drivers at a 4 way stop? The 3 minute stop and go with the driver across from you. I'll go...then he'll go...then he'll stop and so on. The vicious never ending cycle. Then to your right, you have the driver who was CLEARLY there like 1/2 hour before you and they still won't go. They do the polite wave out the window, accompanied by the flicker of the lights. Ya know what? That really annoys the piss and vinegar out of me. Just as much as bumper stickers and car make signs across the windshield.


Why is that I paid...over $100... okay, way over that for a hair cut and color yesterday and I can NEVER, EVER get my hair to look as good. Why was I born a total retard when it comes to hair and make-up. See! That's what I missed out on by not going away to college. No girls to teach me. My mom wasn't into beauty tips, neither were any of my friends. WTF? I didn't get invited to the girls should know classes. You know the ones, the ones where the guys think we go to learn sex tips. I totally missed hand job hour....but was present the day oral was taught.

WTF??? see to hand jobs???


Here's the big one. Why do people like to cause up roars in life? Why do the negative people at your place of employment try and weigh you down. They try and pull all the happy, satisfied, positive thinking people to the dark side. Screw you! If I'm stuck working for the rest of my life....oh man, that sucks...then I'm gonna spend that time happy!
F-off Negative Nelli's'

Why do families always start fights right BEFORE the holidays. I grew up with constant bickering on one side of my family. It was continued till I was an adult. At the age of 24, I quit talking to certain family members because of it and it still pains me.


Why are razors so expensive? Do I have to shave my legs? I don't want to. Hey, maybe I can get laid?


Well, there you have it, 5 minutes of random thoughts of a donut.

That was fun.
Lets do it again.
and again
and again.


Sheryl said...

You are not alone. I can NEVER get my hair to look like it does in the salon. NEVER! Also, why do razors cost so much? You just throw them away! We LOVE the apple orchard too! Didn't get to go this year, it was too cold for new baby. Maybe next year. You crack me up!

cousin amber said...

I was absent on Blow Job day, what did i miss?

donut said...

Well Miss Swallow...
Do we have to go over this again?
I thought we covered this topic when we were in INDY.

I love ya!

donut said...

Thanks a lot!
I have my moments where *I* think I'm funny, but I'm cracking my self up all day long, so who knows? I'm a goof like that.

Thanks for stopping by!