Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving more food...

What a long, but wonderful weekend. Really, I have something positive to say about my 4 day holiday weekend. No snide remarks about family, traffic or having it be too short. It was quite lovely. I can say that I'm sick of food. The shocking thing is that we aren't even eating left overs like most of America. Thank God. I hate Turkey. Yuck.

So, Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all! I hope everyone had something to be thankful for and was able to spend their holiday with people they love. I have missed hanging out with my family and it made the weekend complete.

A soldier home on leave, a sister getting engaged and celebration of several birthdays. Not to mention the massive amounts of alcohol and wine consumed this weekend. As Nathan (soldier) would say, High-five for family drinking!

and HIGH-FIVE to Donut for making awesome come backs to a over weight, thick bearded, gassy, obnoxious, ass crack showing, drunk man at a get together.....they went like this....

1) "Someone give me a razor, cuz I can't even see that asshole over there!"

2) As the so called drunk man was talking about crack and giving sweet Donut a hard time, my only reply "Speaking of crack, judging by the reflection in the patio door, all I can see is your crack." "Like Whitney says, Crack is whack man!"

O.K. so it may not be as funny unless, 1) you were there and 2) you were drunk. Carry on, I had to share. I was slightly proud of myself for being quick witted that night, it doesn't happen often.


I leave pictures of the weekend....

This is MB, Nathan and Donut
HIGH-FIVE to cousins

MB and Doug who got engaged on Thanksgiving

JC on his Pseudo Birthday....AARRGHH

Cousin Nathan and JC
Soldier Lovin'

Finally, Auntie MB and JC sharing their birthdays

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Cousin Amber said...

Actually, i find your comebacks to be quite amusing and i am so proud of you...the razor remark is my personal favorite! JC is getting so big! I miss him, tell him hi and Happy Bday for me! Miss you guys..wish i could of been there to get drunk!