Friday, December 01, 2006

Happy Birthday lil'man

JC is 6 today!!!!
I'm so thankful that I'm your mommy. You mean the world to me and you always will.
Mommy wubbas you.

Wow, six years. It's like we were just changing diapers, watching the big retarded purple dinosaur and teaching you how to talk and walk. Endless nights of playing with little people, rocking you to sleep, stepping on building blocks everyday. I have to admit I don't miss the massive amounts of blocks. Although now they mostly are hot wheels or action figures laying on the floor....

Now you are in school, next time I blink you'll be liking girls and going to high school. Okay, that's really scary.

So, on December 1st, I celebrate my wonderful gift, JC. It's like Mother's day too, the day I became what I have always wanted to be....mommy.

I'm so proud of you pumpkin-poo. Happy Birthday!!!

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