Monday, February 26, 2007

My Viva Las Vegas story...

and I'm back...
but I'd rather be back in 70 degree weather. It's to flippin' cold in Indiana.

Well, Last Monday I flew for the first time since 8th grade to Las Vegas. The early morning flight started off rough, after sitting on the plane for an hour before even getting to the runway. Yeah, I know it's not as bad as the 11 hour wait with JetBlue a few weeks ago, but man, too long. So, the nervous and excited flyer I was , kept taking pictures and poking my lovely sister to "look" out the window.

Why so lame? Because I had never seen mountains before. Amazing, it was simply amazing. Something I knew existed in this massive world, but had never been fortunate enough to see. I loved every ear-popping moment. Stiff, crampy legs were worth the flight, because I loved watching out the window for 3 hours. Sure I took a few glances of gossip magazines, but the view was entertainment enough.

After getting to Vegas we got food, drank and then went out for the evening. The strip is completely different at night. When we first got to our hotel, I couldn't figure out what the big deal was about Vegas, but then, I saw the lights. OH MY GOODNESS. Paris and the Bellagio gave me chills it was so beautiful. The water show made me just about cry and I hate C. Dion....Eiffel Tower, breathtaking. (since I'll never see the real thing, it was awesome).


The next day was the massive walk up and down the strip with family and lots of drink stops. There was a hurtful, PAINFUL ride on the New York,New York's roller coaster and more shopping. Just then, I found the best half yard peach margarita in the world, because as the glass said, Size does matter in Vegas....

(sister, mom, me)

Wednesday we drank outside Caesar's palace all morning after finding the BEST and CHEAPEST drinks...the lemonade stand. Amaretto Limon... after several of those with my girls, it was time for my mothers wedding. Nothing like getting hammered out in the sun and then have to go get dressed up, hoping to look good. We all pulled it off, and my mother was gorgeous.

A few good drinks led to poses like these...and drunk calls to say hello to friends at work...

(sister, cousin, me)


(sister, mom, me)

So after several hours of drinking and going out, Thursday came all too quickly. Alcohol was consumed, money was lost of gambling and it was time to go home to my boys that I missed so much.

(me, sister)

On the plane home, I got to watch the sunset... a nice ending of my mini vacation...Now I'm ready for another trip, I think I got the travel bug. Just without the money to do so.


Sheryl said...

That sounds like a really fun time! Actually, it sounds like heaven to me, a vacation with no children! Great pictures!

donut said...

It was wonderful. I just wish my husband could have come. That would have made it PERFECT.

Time alone without your children is important too, whether it's an hour or 4 days.