Wednesday, March 07, 2007

6 year olds...lots of them

JC had his first birthday party from a school friend tonight. Yes, on a week night. Strange? I thought so. About half of his class was there, along with the birthday child's family members, totaling about 20 kids at the party. I totally needed a xanax after listening to all the screams, yelling, crying and tripping over the 1 ,203 unattended kids in a small building. Really, whew. What was 2 hours felt like 5.


I knew JC was excited about going, which I was happy about. He even let me dress him "up" and put goop in his hair. That alone was impressive. I wish I would have gotten a picture, he was rockin' it...

The good news was that he survived and had a blast. The others boys and him got along pretty well, and the girls ran from him. That's how I remember kindergarten. Running from the boys. EEwww. cooties...

As I was tucking JC in tonight, he recapped the party for me in his words. Even though I had to point out HE was doing the chasing, he went on to tell me in a listed order why the girls are "dumb":
1)because they only talk to one another
2) they say "like" a lot
3)They are only interested in "fashion things"
4) and that they are gross and he doesn't like them

He laughed when I told him in 10 years he will be chasing the girls and will most likely be goo-goo-gaga over at least one girl while in high school. He thought that was hilarious and went on to stop me and say no way! If only I could record it and show it too him when he's 16...but at least he's only 6.

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

So cute! There is currently a sign on my bedroom door made by my 4year old that says, "no girls allowed!"