Sunday, March 04, 2007

Flowers make it all better...

I forgot to mention that I got more flowers from the man. I had a bad day and the next day my favorite flowers appear. I think he might like me...

So, the weekend came and went, and not too much was accomplished. We were lucky enough to go out on a dinner date without JC. Grandparents rule. We got dressed up and ended up a House of Kobe. A few beverages later, donut was feeling good. Really good. Like "babe, hold me while I walk in heels good."

The topic I brought up at dinner. If you could travel anywhere, what's your first choice? After 7 years together, we have yet to have a vacation together. Sure we've been to Ohio, Erie and Pitts burg, but it wasn't exactly for fun and relaxation. So, I wonder were other people have gone or where they are hoping to go before they no longer have the chance. My big worry? I will work my whole entire life and never get to cross things off my "to do list". So, my short version of that so called "list".

Donut's Travel Wish List

1. Hawaii
2. Mexico ( all inclusive)
3. Australia
4. Greece
5. All of Europe (like 3 weeks of it)
7. Ireland
8. Alaskan Cruise
9. Canada
10. Niagara Falls
11. East coast (Maine, Boston)
12. Japan

Donut's Life "List"(in no specific order)

1. Continue to make my family and marriage work
2. Be a great mommy
3. Own a newer home
4. Add to our family
5. Finish school
6. Check pulse if I do # 1-5
7. Retire early
8. Learn photography
9. Learn cake decorating
10. Visit a winery in Napa
11. Swim with dolphins
12. Oh, yeah, Learn to Swim
13.Learn to play golf
14. Get my wound certification
15.Ride a motorcycle again
16. and much more I'm sure...more to think about later.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Sounds like you've got a good man there! Well, I've done the 1st two things on your travel list. One for my honeymoon (all inclusive Mexico) and we went to Hawaii this summer to see my brother-in-law get married. I highly recommend it! I'd love to go to the usuals, London, Paris, Rome. Also, my husband is going to South Africa at the end of the month- I can't go because I can't seem to stop having babies. But someday, he's going back with me!

donut said...

I did manage did get a good one! After listening to other women complain about their husbands, I feel very fortunate. Mine cooks too! Very well. Hence, we are not skinny people either.

Now All I need to do is get a passport. I forgot to put that on my list!