Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pet peeves ...

Unfortunately we do eat out a lot, more so this past winter, so I have started to have a few pet peeves while dining. Although I have them, I never complain to the server. Never. I'd have to have hair (or bugs) in my food.

*I've had a bug crawl out of a dinner salad before in a pretty expensive diner.*

With all that said, just a few random pet peeves of dining out in no specific order:

1. The passer by waiter/waitress.
The ones who don't stop to speak with you, they are asking if you need anything 10 feet past your table. They rush you through the entire dinner and then make you wait way too long for your check. Grrr...

2. Cold food.
But I don't complain about it, just hate it.

3. A short supply of refills.
I usually end of not having a drink refilled after eating something really spicy. Keep the refills coming!

4.Dirty silverware

5. Really loud music
I LOVE music, but not overpowering music while at dinner. That's my time to socialize and I want to be able to hear and have a conversation over dinner.

6. Dirty hands and and poor hygiene with wait staff.
I watched a young waitress at a breakfast place, wipe her nose with her hand repeatedly, then go wait on table. Tissues little girl! tissue! Hand soap and lots of it! Dirty fingernails too. eeew.
* I actually called the restaurant the next day and told them watching their wait staff was disgusting and they need to review hand washing. (anonymously of course)

Am I missing any other pet peeves while dinning out?


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

I never say anything either. My pet peeve is being out with people who are rude to the waiter/waitress and do send things back. Grrr.

donut said...
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donut said...
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donut said...

I think the same thing! I'm never rude and always overly polite, and I tip way over. I think it came from watching my mom waitress for a second job. It's hard work with little pay.

Dan said...

I agree with all of this.

I once saw a young kid, in a deli making sandwiches, put on those thin plastic gloves (so far so good) and then scratche his armpits before grabbing the lunchmeat to begin making the sandwich!!