Thursday, March 15, 2007

well well decided to work...

Let's see, so far I have had 2 posts written, 2 days in a row, both vanished and never published. Not cool. Time was wasted. My thoughts gone!

I had a entry about the joys of working bingo, strange bodily things happening, you know. Great topics. (sarcasm).

So, I tried to catch up with the my space thing. Yup, I'm on there too. It sucks, but I get to catch up with old friends and talk to my family quite a bit.

Oh, and I started reading The Secret last night. Interesting...very Interesting. The power of thought. Thinking positive. The more you think negatively the more negative things will happen. Or is it that you are so stuck on the negative, you don't see them small positive things come your way. I almost think that those small positives that may come into your life are mini quizzes. Mini quizzes to see if you are ready to have the positive things happen. I think many people are focused on the negative that they wouldn't accept major positive things in their life, so it's like they have to be tested for them first.

Just my thought anyways...

she said what?
Yes, quick thoughts of donut with crooked eyebrows in the morning, while she should actually be getting ready for work.

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