Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jeans and me

They are not meant to be
those jeans and me.

Old Navy used to be the place to be
to get jeans on me.

I walked onto the store last night, no jeans! They had 2 styles. Count them 2! I don't want skinny jeans on my massive legs. NO! NO jeans for the chubby girl....

Conversations with sales girl:

Girl: Can I help you?
Me: Yes, where are all the jeans, I only see shorts?
Girl: Right around the corner...
Me: ooo. yeah...there were only size 2 and 4's.
Girl: Looking me up and down. (obviously I don't appear to fit those)
Well, we are getting shipments in, all the jeans are being redesigned and are going to be really cute.

(she goes on in a really bubbly manner, which made we want to puke, about how she's exciting about them since she gets a discount)

Me: Umm..yeah...
(thinking you silly silly girl, this does me no good.)

Conclusion. Old navy no longer wants to help the chubby girl like me have cute clothes any longer. I now have to move onto table cloths.....


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

I have NEVER been able to get good jeans at old navy. The don't make them for short girls either. I finally broke down and spent a little more to get jeans from The Buckle. I love them, plus they have free alterations so, you buy the jeans that fit your rump and then make them fit your length. Pretty awesome! I think Staci London would be proud ; )

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Gap is really the only place I can ever find jeans. They have Curvy ones and Long & Leans that you can get in short (love that.) You have to pay more money, but it is so worth it!!


donut said...

Staci London would be proud!

I can only wish that one day I could buy a pair of gap jeans...that's where the diet needs to come in!

One day I'll find those perfect jeans I see everyone else wearing. Just right after my next baked good.

But I love everything in the gap!

The Bickle has free alterations? Interesting.I had no idea! That' a great plus!

Glass Half Full said...

This is not good news for me since I am wearing "just below waist boot cut" Old Navy jeans right now. Skinny?? NEVER!!

donut said...

That's exactly what I like!
No more in the old Navy by us, gone for now.

I can't even mention where I had to by pants's not good.
I haven't shopped there since the fifth grade when I was too chubby to fit into jeans. It was all about the stir up pants back then.


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi! Thanks for taking time to answer the question on my sticky note. It's a pleasure meeting you through Photo Hunters.

I love wearing jeans but I wonder why the new styles don't fit me well. I don't like skinny jeans and those low waist styles.

I'm fond of Guess and Giordano because I always find a good pair that fits. I also have a couple of favorite local brands.