Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Got Socks?

Well, I do! Since I started my Sock donations in November I have had over 3,000 pairs of socks delivered or dropped off anonymously. Amazing, simply amazing. I have socks everywhere at work. I've given over 1,000 away already. Each time I give a pair away the veterans are thrilled. One simple pair of socks goes a long way, especially when you tell them it was donated by schools! Although most get one pair, many get bundles of socks. I'm now know as the sock lady...

The program started as a way to teach veterans basic foot care by including a pair of socks and a pamphlet on foot care to teach them that their socks should be a reminder to stop and check their feet. Each pair of socks is hand wrapped with ribbon or yarn and attached to the educational material, all by yours truly. I'm a little back logged on the project to say the least...

Last week, I had 600 pairs of socks donated by a local church. 600!!! Now my problem is going to be getting more packaged up and fast! Who knew the generosity that is out there if you only ask? I had no idea. People care! It's awesome to see and be a part of.

Better yet, since the sock donation program, I get new clothes and health care essentials too! One child from a local school got his friends and families together and brought in $1,500 worth on new undergarments, pj pants, sweatshirts and HB items. Can you say AWESOME!

Yesterday I spent the last hour of work trying to separate and box items up and direct them to a new home( since we have no storage for the items). I stood there marveling at all the wonderful things we had received at work. A child non the less wanted to help. Some days people make me wonder...other days they blow me away with small acts of kindness.

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