Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's May 31st so it's 28 things about for each year...

1. I have one son cleverly named JC for the blog. He is best achievement ever.
2. I love music, all types and I usually have a song in my head at all times throughout the day.
3. I enjoy taking pictures and I would go into a burning building for all my photos.
4. I am moody and if I don't make it a point to smile, people often mistake me for being in a bad mood.
5. My last wound patient that I healed told me he would miss visiting with me because he loved how "my eyes spoke". On top of healing his wound, him saying he would miss our time visiting means a lot to me as a nurse.
6. I wish I could go back to school to get a master's degree and become a nurse practitioner and only do wound care. I take pride in watching the wounds heal, it is a visual "job well done".
7. I have been married to my husband C for 7 years. We've been through hell and yet I love him more each day.
8. I so desperately wanted another child and felt like my body failed me and I subconsciously sabotaged my body for the last year because of that. I now am making up for lost time and trying to take care of myself.
9. I still cry every time I get my period. It hurts. Physically and emotionally.
10. I have never told anyone besides my therapist #8&9. Now the whole internet knows, it's somewhat of a relief to let it out.
11. I wear size 11 shoes, I have large feet, but small boobs. ??
12. I have low self esteem and poor body image. Who would have thought? I tried starving myself in the 6 th grade to be thin when kids made fun of me.
13. I dread the day my son gets made fun of and or picked on, my husband and I know the pain it causes. WE dread the day.
14. I was this old when I was stupid enough to loose my virginity. I wish I can go back and change it. I didn't know what sex was until a month before. I was desperately wanting someone to like me and love me. I foolishly thought that would make someone love me.
15. I'm a people pleaser to a horrible fault. I hate conflict.
16. I had my first car at 16. It was a 1988 chevy beretta. It was black and UGLY. But it got me to work.
17. Outside of my year of maternity leave, I have worked full time, 40+ hours a week since the summer before my senior year. Retirement better be good. I held 2 jobs my senior year. Sears and Coconuts music store. I still hate retail work. Suggestive selling was not my strong point.
18. I wish I was 18 again, I would so do things differently. I would have gone away to college instead of worrying about money and staying home. I think I would have "found" myself.
19. I'm still looking and slowly"finding" my true self.
20. The age I got married and conceived.
21. My 21st birthday was not spent in a bar, I was 5 months pregnant. 2000 was a busy year.
22. I don't drink beer, I haven't learn to acquire the taste. I'm a mixed drink, cosmo, sangria, wine chick.
23. I started smoking at age 15 to piss my mom off. I quit when I knew JC was coming and started again during my separation. I still to this day am having a hard time with it. Health problems and all.
24. I have a sister MB. I shared a room with her since her birth up until I got married. Mornings did not go well. She is one of my favorite people.
25. I don't remember my 25th birthday, the last few haven't gone well, I hope this year is better.
26. I have cried inside and outward for the last 24 hours since I read a mother in Texas took the life of her children. I pray for those babies.
27. I can't pick a side for many issues and politics. I'm wishy washy. I see points on both sides. I have yet to exercise my right to vote, but I plan to for the next presidential election.
28. That many candles on my cake today if I have a cake.


milk&honey said...

Happy Birthday, D. This is going to be a good year for you; I can feel it. :)

Elizabeth F. said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a cake and lots of fun.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Happy Birthday! Very interesting facts! I shared a couple with you.

Mimi Lenox said...

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Thanks and peace!

yerdoingitwrong said...

Happy Happy Birthday. Good list! I hear ya, I regret not going away to college so much. It's one of my biggest regrets!