Friday, May 25, 2007


Wow am I glad it's Friday. It's been one of those weeks. I'm tired, feel sick to my stomach and I'd rather stay in bed and sleep. That way, I'm not bothering anyone. Did I mention I'm tired? Even though I've been in bed by 8pm for the last several days?

Going to the doctor yesterday didn't help. It was my review of all the cardiac workup I had this past month. What fun! yeah... On top of telling me was wrong, they found more things "by just looking at me". What? my eyes. The cardiologist looked at me and asked if I had thyroid issues. Why yes, I do, but no other doctor seemed to think I needed to be treated. It appears that my left eye is larger and my pupils are not equal in size. ??? I now have to go to a neurologist, as well as an endocrinologist. Never gonna win...(excuse me why I slightly freak out and feel sorry for my self, Ignore that chubby girl with bulgy eyes crying)

I do have tachycardia, high blood pressure and Mitral valve prolapse in 2 leaflets. So, before any dental exams or "dirty" procedures I have to be pre-medicated. Oh, and I have to take medicine now. Great, not what I wanted. For a nurse, I am the worst person to remember to take pills, and a even worse of a nurse for not taking care of myself.

Next step, blood work and a venous doppler for my leg pain/swelling and horrible varicose veins. I'm not even 28 yet(next week) and my body is falling apart. I have abused it and taken advantage of it. It's a shame I have to say that, but I have.

Weight loss? He didn't even have to tell me...I know that. Actually, i lost about another 3 pounds, so that's good. Not eating helps I suppose.

Next week, a new doctor to rule out diabetes and follow up more on my thyroid issues that have gone untouched by a doctor for the last year. Maybe my hair will stop falling out!

Wow, it's Friday...I hope everyone else has a great day, I going take another guilt drive in my new car to work and suffer for another 8 hours till the weekend hits. Wow, am I depressing today... It's raining, that doesn't help.


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Elizabeth F. said...

I had one of those days yesterday. And to top it off-nothing was wrong really! I think I was just PMSing. I feel better now after a good cry. Soemtimes that's just what you need.

Hope this weekend cheers you up and that you get some good news at the Dr. really soon.

I saw your link at Adventures In Babywearing's Blog. Check my blog out sometime!