Monday, July 16, 2007

Well, last Monday I called off to get things done, but in turn ended up hurting myself causing me to be off for the entire week. Although my back hurt so badly, I enjoyed the few extra days with my husband and JC.

So after having unscheduled leave for a week, I gotta go back and earn the not so big bucks and listen to crappy comments about me "taking a vacation". I'm not overly thrilled about starting the week of with such joy, I 'd rather have a hot poker shoved through my big toe.

I enjoyed being home, which is unusual since I usually can't stand being cooped up in the house. But a sore back and pain killers, TV in bed is the only option. But at least I'll save a few tears by not getting to watch baby story and bringing home baby. It seems that I'm way to sensitive to that subject anymore, but then there's the food network, which only made me hungry. Did I mention that my husband cooks? yes, he does and very well...I was not meant to be skinny.

So, it's Monday. I'm not very happy about it. Hopefully the drive to work will be nice, I haven't really driven for a week and I miss my car. Strange I know...

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