Tuesday, July 10, 2007

house work update

I don't want to see paint for another year. All white trim, including 6 paneled doors were painted. The house was scrubbed clean and my body is feeling the pain. I didn't even get to paint with pretty colors. Only institutional white. yuck.

So, with few words to say, I'll give you house pictures...
Some before shots of the work and the final room shots. Exciting I know.

Even worse, I took my mom to get mani-pedicures last week and I trashed the beautiful job.

The wood work was replaced about a year ago after putting up new doors. The wood was salvaged from another part of the house.

My battle "paint" scars. I'm messy when I paint. At least there were no ceilings to paint so my contacts were spared...

The redoing of trim...the house was full of dust. Hence the hours of scrubbing.

The masterbedroom door from the living room...the doorway was replaced as well. It used to open up into the living room. We fixed that...I just got to painting it.

The manicure I spoke of...chipped away...

The living room from a view, all the trim was sanded and repainted all while not spilling on the hardwood floors I refinished a few years ago.

My poor nails as of a few hours ago. Not good. But a excuse to get them done again!

Another view of my living room and my one red-ish wall. I was trying to be daring and not pick another yellow-beige color.

There you have it. My hard work as well as my living room pictures.

Perfect timing too... JC is coming home! It's not the same just talking on the phone with him...Hugs for mommy tomorrow!!!


Sarah said...

I feel your painting pain. I am almost done painting our family room. I still have to paint my daughter's bathroom and our room and bathroom. I went for serengeti green and have been trying not to drip on the carpet and the walnut colored trim. (My husband just snored on the couch while I did it.)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Wow! Great Job! I'm impressed! Someday I won't have a baby on my hip and I'll be able to do "fun" things like this again!

Ann(ie) said...

ugh. Painting. UGH. But, good job girlie. It looks fabulous!

My Wonderful Men..... said...

Your hard work paid off it looks great!

Teena said...

Good job! I hate painting! Ha!