Tuesday, August 07, 2007

School in one week? What!

I can't wrap by little brain around the idea that school starts next week. JC, my lil'man, will be in the first grade. It seems like only yesterday we were changing diapers.

As I was getting him ready this morning, I looked at him and couldn't believe how much he has grown since last year when I couldn't believe he was going into Kindergarten. A few inches taller, a lost tooth and of course more personality...to say the least.

Where did the summer go? Now it's time to go school shopping this weekend like every other late planning mom. I just love crowds!

Wow, now the worries of notes from teachers being sent home each day begins. Great....can't wait. It was nice to have a little stress relieved this past summer from teachers.

At least fall is coming!


More Than a Single Mom said...

Awwww, Missy is in first grade too! But she starts on the 22nd. It's a new school for her since we moved and I am so nervous! My baby ....going to school ALL day. I can't help but miss those toddler years.

Sheryl said...

Wow! Summer IS almost over. I love fall. Well, I love the look of fall. It will be interesting to see how we do here with no fall. Maybe you could send me some fallen leaves or something. ; )

Laurie & Chris said...

In Ny the kids don't start until after labor day. It seems like you go early.

Teena said...

School starts next week??!! That's so soon. Doesn't it usually start in September?

Ann(ie) said...

WHAT??? That's way early!


What happened to Summer Vacation???