Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Look great in 2008 Challenge

Look great in 2008 Challenge brought to you by the lovely ladies at
The tales from the scales

Curious? You should be! Go look and see for yourself!

To sum it all up, it's a weekly weigh in and a great motivation to loose weight and look great in 2008. It's easy, you post, sign Mr. Linky over there, link to it and receive instant encouragement and motivation from all these wonderful bloggers. Perfect timing for me!

Where to start? I have had some kind of weight issues all my life. Whether it was medication induced weight gain as a child, puberty, college, marriage or pregnancy. Well, maybe down right laziness. Life gets busy, excuses get made and I have made my share of excuses.

A few weeks ago, I stepped on the scale. I topped in at my heaviest and it left me scared and ashamed. Would I get diabetes? Is my weight gain the reason for my infertility? Or is it really just a thyroid issues gone untreated? Would I still be attractive to my husband. We're talking a huge wave of emotions swept over me that day. It just so happens to be the weekend that I had a bloggy meet up with all these great ladies. After talking to Beth from I should be folding Laundry and the tales from the scales, she empowered me to try Weight watchers.

I have gone to 2 meeting thus far and am down. Not as much as I'd like, but down.
This challenge couldn't have come at a better time! My only sister is getting married in Cancun in January. I am the biggest bridesmaid. That is scary. I had to buy a plus size dress. That's even worse for me. This being our first family vacation, I want to swim and wear a bathing suit. That's my goal. To wear a bathing suit comfortably for the entire week.

Let's talk numbers...

I tipped the scale at 217 the first weekend in September. At WW last week I was 209. I will weight again on Saturday. So, my entry to start this FABULOUS challenge is


Oh I remember in High school when I weighed 135# and I thought I was fat...

My goal for 3 months: 15 pounds
My goal where I would like to stop and feel good- 165#

According to my calculations, that would be 44#. Heck why not say 50# right?

Here goes nothing, good luck and I look forward to reading every one's stories! If my dieting woes, troubles, triumphs aren't listed here, they will be posted on my new Crooked's diet blog.


Mama Bear June said...

EIGHT pounds in two weeks you consider NOT MUCH???? That's pretty wonderful, if you ask me! Took me the whole 16 weeks of the last challenge to lose that much. ;-) Anyway, welcome to the new challenge! Your photo at 209 looks pretty good and you do have some great goals. :-D
Path to Health

Lost A Sock said...

Yeahhh! You can do it.

Seriously, that is a fabulous loss in two week's time.

JaniceNW said...

You and me both. I know if I joined WW my husband would harass me about the money and would bring up the never used health club thing from several years back. My classes start on Monday and damn, I wished I knew someone here to go with and then maybe it would work.

I wish you well and keep up the terrific work!!!!

Teena said...

I think you're doing great! I've battle my weight most of my life too (my downfall was discovering beer when I was 19 ... ha!).

I love Weight Watchers and find it so easy to keep me on track.

My Wonderful Men... said...

I'm in, I hope I can do this. I'm a better cherrleader at this point.
You on the other hand are doing awesome!!!!