Monday, September 10, 2007

"Mom... I couldn't believe it!"

Said during our after school talk:

Me: "So what happened at school today?"

JC: "Mom, so and so got in trouble for lifting up her shirt on the play ground!"

Me: "Yeah, it's not nice to show yourself to strangers and others."

JC: "Mom, I couldn't believe it! She had a bra on and was trying to show me!"

Me: After I picked up my jaw, " You just remember that our bodies are private..."

I'm not sure what's worse...that a first grade girl is wearing a bra or that my first grade son took notice, knew what one was and saw one!

Then at dinner:

JC: "Mom, Julia called me and the teacher a dumbass today. Me? She called me the dumbass and she used to cheat off me!"

ME: "JC, we don't say that, only nice words can cross your lips, you need to ignore the mean things Miss Julia says."

Again what's worse. That he said dumbass or that he can use it correctly? Also, I'm not so sure about the girls in this school. AT ALL...


chrissy said...

Hang in there mama it gets better!! Thank God your JC talks to you and tells you what happened, in detail (like it or not) that is good thing!!!

Pinks & Blues said...

Too funny.
Your son sounds so cute. Absolutely innocent. Isn't it nice at this age? You know in about 10 years we can't be thinking this way anymore!
And by the way... who is this girl!? LOL!
- Audrey

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Ok... WHOA.


Anonymous said...

<shuffles feet>

Um. "Dumbass" used in that vernacular might, just *might* also be used in a certain video game that the Boy is enamored with.

Only maybe.

More Than A Single Mom said...

OMG, that is sooooooo funny. Missy recently told me she was "sweating her ass" off.....Gee, wonder where she got that from??? Couldn't be me......

Laurie & Chris said...

I don't know what i would do . At first you want to laugh then you think he is ONLY in first grade. Good Luck!!