Thursday, September 20, 2007

Reunion weekend...what to wear? you tell me!

OK, as I've said before, I can't dress myself without changing outfits many times. Did I mention that I'll even break out in a panic getting ready, even more so when it's to go out with people I haven't seen in 10 years!

So, I have tickets for the Saturday dinner, bu I know my husband is less than thrilled about the idea of going. Also, I have nothing to wear and I wouldn't have the slight bit of idea how to dress for it. It's a sit down dinner, DJ, pictures, all that. What are you supposed to wear? I can't to dresses. My boobs are too small and my ass is too big. I'm screwed there. I have not the least bit of idea of what to wear.

Tomorrow I get to see Jen from more than a single mom at our "pre- reunion" get together at a local bar. Fun right? damn straight... I'm saving the points for booze.

But I don't know what to wear either. I have 2 ideas in mind. 2 different shirts, same pair of jeans. the jeans are long, so I need to wear heels. One shirt is a wrap style in smokey grey. The other shirt is a light weight rolled up sleeve in brown. So help my Internet friends!

This is the style of shirt but wrong color...

It's in a color like this

The rolled up sleeve shirt is like this, but chocolate brown

and the jeans are this color, obviously in a much larger size...

Here's what I thought, tell me if it's okay. The grey shirt, jeans, go buy red shoes and fun chunky jewelry? oh and a clutch like purse. Am I way off?

If you have any other ideas on how to make a fat girl look skinny and good, let me know too!


My Wonderful Men... said...

I like the first shirt, get a push-up bra w/ padding so you look like you have a nice set. Ya know what I mean...
People will be looking at them and not at your hips.
The belt shows off your small waist.
Jeans would be fine, you just have to fine the pair you like on.
Shoes, wear a high heel it makes you stand with better posture.
I think you will look great!

Mimi's Toes said...

My vote is for the Green top. You need a push up bra and a tank top, the layered look...the push up will draw attention away from the bottom...since you said this is your problem area. You could wear large beads around your neck...and bracelet to match...other tops are nice but not as dressy...

Ann(ie) said...

Cute! I love that shirt on top....very flattering style.
Have FUN!

More Than A Single Mom said...

I'm digging the top one, push up bra also......I always wear a push up bra out!