Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Stick a fork in me I'm done...

Let's see. The alarm went off at 4:30, actually pulled myself out about 4:48 and I have been moving ever since.

My husband has gone back to work after quite some time off, therefore my morning routine has changed this week. I had a summer vacation from dropping JC off to school and have grown very fond of my new found freedom. I love him, but it was a nice break. Relaxing I would say. I had time to get coffee, wash my car, drive the speed limit and not get an anxiety attack about showing up for work late. Now? I have to be completely ready by 5:30 , wake the boy, guide the boy, fight with the waking boy, feed, dress and be out the door by 6:30 most days and speed to work like a mad woman. Hopefully, never forgetting the medication in the shuffle.

Let's not forget that my prince JC had become accustomed to sleeping in, this week is a change for him as well and my child does not do well with changes. Lord help us all. So far, no notes from the teacher, only a verbal bitching from the after school program. "He was wild" this woman says from sitting behind her desk as the children ran about the room. Hmmm....I wasn't thinking nice things at this point, but I kept my lips sealed only to respond "his routines have changed this week and you may expect some boundary pushing, restlessness and a lack of working ears". But, I did find out that they gave him sugar. Ha! yeah, wild is one way to put it....

Can I just say that I dread the rebound effect of the medication? I dread it. So after negotiating homework time, cleaning, making dinner, scrubbing tubs, laundry,bills, bath, picking up 153,156,458 puzzle pieces and late night grocery shopping, my body is cursing at me. Wow has it been a long day.

New routines with JC, home, work and diet. Yikers, what a week this has turned out to be! But, I am happy to report that I have not cheated on anything. NO pop, starbucks, junk food/fast food.

1 cup of 1% cottage cheese
1 package of prepared apple slices
1 sugar free jello pudding
1 cobb salad
lots of water
3 cups coffee

2 waffles
1 cup 1% cottage cheese
apples slices
1 sugar free pudding
100 calorie hostess cupcakes
1/2 cup pasta
not enough water

That's good right? I have yet to sign up for WW since I am short on time to make a meeting this week, maybe Saturday? Will try... Thanks for all the well wishes and emails of support!


Lost A Sock said...

Holy cripes! With what you're allowing yourself to eat, Weight Watchers is going to seem like a welcome break. You must be starving!

Here's hoping for a wonderful end to your week. You deserve it, SuperMom!

Crooked Eyebrow said...

thankfully, I am not hungry or starving. Allergies and not being able to taste food is a nice thing for dieting I suppose!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I have to agree about the allergy comment, but it doesn't help that all I'm eating is carbs then, because I like how it chews... I am proud of you, Crooked Eyebrow! Soon you'll be Skinny Eyebrow...


Peant Butter and Jelly Boats said...

OH my gosh, you are much better at handling waking up at 4:30 than I am. I would be SUPER cranky.

Way to go on your diet! Sounds like you're doing great!

More Than A Single Mom said...

Skinny that comment! The dieting gets easier and easier as time goes on.

Ann(ie) said...

um, you are on fire girl!!! Standing and clapping. I would eat the entire carton of cottage cheese and the whole box of wonder I can't lose any damn weight. Next time I'm boggled by the scale not changing please kindly remind me of my obsessive ways!!

You must be beat....can mama treat herself to a bath??? They are very lo-cal!

Mimi's Toes said...

My favorite breakfast on W.W. is..the W.W.brand Chocolate muffin, 1 thick & creamy lemon or key lime pie yogurt,100 cal., and don't forget the protein...2 boiled egg whites (the dogs get the yolks)with mrs.dash spinkled for taste. Coffee and water. Don't deprive yourself of your snacks during the day...Love those 100 cal. prepackaged snacks...those are my lifesavers and low fat pretzels dipped in salsa...SALSA is a free No points on W.W. Hooray for you so far, you are doing great....if you need any W.W.simple recipes, just ask...would love to share them.

My Wonderful Men... said...

Go girl! You keep running like you are, you will drop the pounds like - I think of a cute saying. But you know what I mean the weight will come off fast.

Crooked Eyebrow said...

Hopefully the pounds come off fast!
And recipes are good provided I get time to actually cook. I can't wait for the weekend!

I wish you all lived closer to me that's for sure, I could use a walking buddy at night!

Beth F. said...

I was thinking that last night while walking/running in my neighborhood! I partner would be great! Sounds like you are doing a great job - although you maybe should eat more??

Can't wait to here how today went!

Crooked Eyebrow said...

I should eat more,but lack of food and time kinda helped not to eat as much...