Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One of those days...

Not much to say about today.
It was a day.
Hours passed, morning came, night fell.
Just another day.

If I was a cartoon I would have had a dark rain cloud over my head that followed me every step of my day. It was one of those days.

I did keep busy with cleaning, baking and cleaning more. But even after that, the restless energy has passed, but without changing the mood. I suppose it's just that time of year, the added stress and the upsetting doctor visits.

I was hopeful, ready to face any challenge, but then after speaking with someone who was trying to actually give encouragement, I was left full of negative thoughts and despair. My hope has dwindled for now. Maybe I'll find it under one of those dark clouds tomorrow. Because today, was just one of those days...


milk&honey said...

Oh, D. My mom would say, "This too shall pass." Keep smiling. XOXO

chrissy said...

Hope today is a little more hopeful for you!! Sorry to hear about yesterday!

My Wonderful Men... said...

Hugs for you from me. I'm sorry your day was not so good. I hope Thursday is a better day for you.

I Should Be Folding Laundry said...

My poor Crooked Eyebrow, I think I know what you are referencing.

Please remain hopeful, that's all I have to say.