Friday, October 05, 2007

Painting 101...color selection mishaps

Well, not all home improvements can be completed without little setbacks right?

After sweating my fat ass off while painting a ceiling in the hottest room possible last night, I was finished in about an hour and a half. After reviewing my hard work, evaluating every square inch of newly drying paint of winter mood white, I decided I would start on the walls.

I shake, stir and pour out the color I picked and started trimming the corners,way ahead of schedule. This was great I thought to myself! I got off the chair, stepped back and watched what was supposed to be a nice creamy beige, turn into buttery yellow.

My thoughts? Not good. Not good at all batman...
I didn't want yellow in my bedroom. no. no. no. This is not right....
F(%@ ...BEEEPPP....F*@ ....s*!t

I sat on the floor debating what to do, covered in paint and then I began to prime the walls all over again. So, what was supposed to be helping me be ahead, has now put my art play time behind. Alas, I have no color to put on my walls.

I want to cry, scream and shake my hands to the paint gods for cursing me with such lousy choice in paint colors. Ok, well that's obviously a bit dramatic. But, it did throw off all my plans for the weekend.

The weekend you say? It does include our bloggy meet up for those wonderful bloggers that are in NW Indiana. SO, if you are free tomorrow 10-6-07 around 5 pm, email or beth for details. We'd love to see you there!


Peant Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Is it possible it will dry the color you wanted? I think it's so much fun painting walls. If I was there, I'd come help you.

More Than A Single Mom said...

QUIT trying to steal my colors girl! Last week I painted my new office white.........and next week my bedroom is going to be a nice creamy beige (however, I am now fearful of the yellow!)

Ann(ie) said...

I hate painting with a passion. And I suck at it. I hire someone to paint because that's how lame I am.